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“True” Own Specialty Disability Insurance

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Physicians are viewed as the top most likely white collar profession to suffer a long-term disability lasting more than 90 days. claims that 1 – 4 physicians will suffer a disability over the course of their career.  

Own Specialty Disability Provides You

  •  The ability to work in another occupation while still paying your full disability benefit.
  • Tax-Free Benefits
  • Student Loan Forgiveness Riders
  • Inflation Protection

Important Facts

Your Employer-Sponsored Disability plan is NOT Own Specialty Coverage because it does not allow you to collect your full benefit if you are disabled in your specialty and working in another occupation. 

The AMA Does not provide a True Own Specialty Benefits because in order to collect your full benefit you must be disabled and not working in any other occupation for wage or profit.

Northwestern Mutual does NOT Provide a True Own Specialty Benefit because they limit the coverage you receive by any income you earn working in another occupation

Only 7 Carriers Offer Physicians “True” Own Specialty Disability Insurance and at InsuranceMD we work with them all: Ameritas, Guardian, MassMutual, Mutual of Omaha, Ohio National, Principal, and The Standard.

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