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Without Own Specialty benefits, your employer’s disability plan is not adequate enough to protect you from a long-term disability.

Own Specialty Disability

If sickness or injury prevents you from performing your medical specialty, Own Specialty coverage will replace your lost income and you will not be forced to return to work or settle for a reduced benefit if you decide to work in a different occupation. Own Specialty Disability benefit is tax free.

Only 6 Insurance carriers offer physicians Tier 1 Own Specialty Disability Insurance and during enrollment through your  affiliation.

  • Disability Insurance for Physicians
  • Own Occupation Disability Insurance
  • Disability Insurance For Doctors
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • principal-logo
  • the-standard

What happens next?

You will schedule a call with a licensed agent who guide you through the enrollment process starting with providing you customized quotes based on your eligibility and helping you select the enrollment plan that’s best for you.

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