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Date of birth is required.
Retirement age is required.
Spouse work is required.
Spouse income is required.
Child plan is required.
Kids number is required.
Youngest child is required.
Paying for college is required.
Money saved for college is required.
Mortgage is required.
Mortgage payoff balance is required.
Credit card is required.
Credit card payoff balance is required.
Card payment is required.
Vehicle payoff balance is required.
Debt is required.
Total payoff balance is required.
Property Tax is required.
Homeownsers insurance policy is required.
Pay HOA fees is required.
Monthly HOA fee is required.
Reoccurring Monthly expenses is required.
Health rate is required.

How to rate your health

  • Healthy Weight/BMI
  • No Medical Conditions
  • No Medications
  • Normal Weight
  • Minor pre-existing Medical Conditions
  • Controlled minor medical conditions (HBP/Cholestrol)
  • Overweight
  • Diabetes
  • Uncontrolled HBP/Cholestrol
Gender is required.
State is required.
Death benefit is required.
Term period is required.
Payment option is required.
First Name is required.
Last Name is required.
Phone number is required.
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First name{{model.firstName}}
Last name{{model.lastName}}
Health condition{{model.rateHealthCondition}}
Death Benefit{{formatCurrency(model.faceAmount)}}
Term Period{{model.termyear}}
Payment Option{{model.paymentOption == '12' ? 'Monthly' : 'Yearly'}}
Tuition Responsibility{{formatCurrency(totalCollegeExpense)}}
Total Debt{{formatCurrency(totalDebt)}}
Annual Recurring Expenses{{formatCurrency(totalAnnualExpenses)}}
Income Per Year{{formatCurrency(totalIncome)}}
Gender{{model.gender == 'M' ? 'Male' : 'Female'}}
Age{{new Date().getFullYear() - dob.year}}
Retired Age{{model.retireAge}}
Spouse Work{{model.spouseWork}}
Spouse Income{{formatCurrency(model.spouseIncome)}}
Have Childs{{model.haveChilds}}
Kids Count{{model.kidsCount}}
Youngest Child Age{{model.youngestChildAge}}
Pay kids to College{{model.payKidCollege}}
Money saved for college{{formatCurrency(model.currentCollegeBalance)}}
Mortgage payoff balance{{formatCurrency(model.amountMortgage)}}
Credit card Payoff Balance{{formatCurrency(model.amountCreditCard)}}
Vehicle Payoff Balance{{formatCurrency(model.amountCarPayments)}}
Total Payoff Balance{{formatCurrency(model.amountAdditionalDebt)}}
Property Tax{{formatCurrency(model.propertyTax)}}
Homeowners insurance policy yearly{{formatCurrency(model.annualPolicy)}}
Monthly HOA fee{{formatCurrency(model.hoaFee)}}
Monthly living expenses{{formatCurrency(model.monthlyBalance)}}

See how your responses impact your recommended death benefit:

Recommended Death Benefit
{{ deathBenefit }}
Recommended Term Year
{{ insuranceTerm }} Years Life Term


{{model.firstName}} {{model.lastName}}


{{new Date().getFullYear() - dob.year}}

life insurance calculator report

you need {{deathBenefit}} of life insurance

age {{model.retireAge}}

desired retirement age


current/future kids


tuition responsibility


total debt


annual recurring expenses

How is my life insurance used if I Die?
3 simple steps



set aside money
for tuition



pay of all debts



Income produced per year

Your family draws an income off the remaining balance of {{formatCurrency(annualTotal)}} to cover your annual recurring expenses (Assuming an Annual Interest Return of .05%)


Select between 2 and 4 carriers for a side-by-side comparison.

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Proceed with Confidence

Applying for life insurance requires the collection of your name and contact information for security and verification purposes. Your mobile phone number and email address allows us the ability to establish two-step-verification in order to protect and secure your personal information. Information collected is strictly used for the purpose of applying and servicing your life insurance needs. {{siteName}} will never sell, share, distribute, or disclose your information to a third party outside of the insurance carrier(s) you are applying with.

Application for Life Insurance FAQ's

No, the process of applying is not a commitment to purchase a policy. This process allows the carrier to underwrite your medical and financial history in order to determine your eligibility for coverage. You may stop the process at any time.
Yes, you may change your benefit amount, product type or carrier at any time during the underwriting process. Just let us know if anything changes. You can email us at info@{{siteName}}.com with any requested changes.
No, applying is absolutely free. The insurance carrier covers all costs associated with applying even if you decide to stop the process and even if you change your mind about purchasing the policy.
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