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Own Occupation Disability Insurance For Your Specialty

You invested six figures and a decade of your life to practice medicine. Medscape estimates that one in four medical specialists who purchase disability insurance will experience a disability that requires a benefit payout.

According to Medscape, medical specialists need to invest between 2% and 6% of their annual income on disability insurance to be fully insured. Those who purchase stand-alone policies from their employer and later suffer an injury or illness discover that the coverage they thought they were getting isn’t enough. Uninsured physicians discover they are ineligible for coverage altogether as insurance companies will consider an injury or illness a pre-existing condition.

True Own Disability from InsuranceMD will replace your full income tax-free even if you choose a career in another field or decide to continue to practice medicine.

You may choose from seven insurance carriers and enjoy savings of up to 50% of the cost other insurers demand.

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