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Own Occupation Disability Insurance

"TRUE" Own Occupation Disability

Own Occupation Disability Insurance (Specialty Specific or Regular Occupation) provides a definition of “Total Disability” in which you are eligible to receive your “full” benefit if a sickness or injury prevents you from working in your “Regular Occupation.” You will still be considered “Totally Disabled” and eligible to receive your “full” benefit even if you elect to work in another occupation, regardless of the income you earn.

Employer-Sponsored Long Term Disability Insurance Isn't Good Enough

Employer-paid Group Disability is taxable but more importantly, the benefit restricts physicians from the ability to work in another occupation. Physicians are constantly searching for individually for “True” Own Specialty Disability Insurance.

With an executed GSI plan made available to all physicians affiliated with your hospital, your physicians could finally obtain True Own Occupation coverage regardless of their medical history at up to 60% off the normal cost.

GSI Plan In Action

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Own Occupation Disability Insurance is a benefit for the hospital too!

Qualified physicians and executives are your most valuable asset.  Their exceptional talent and top-rated skill define a hospital’s reputation among the patients you serve.  So why does your current group policy tell them to go home if they get disabled?

A group disability policy defines a disability as a sickness or injury that prevents you from performing the duties of your occupation so long as you refrain from engaging in any gainful employment.

If your top surgeon suffers an injury that prevents him/her from performing surgery your group benefit sends them home.  With a “True” Own Occupation benefit your top doctors can remain a valuable asset to your organization.

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"True" Own Occupation Disability Vs. regular Group coverage

When a GSI plan is established through your hospital system physicians and executives would be eligible for “True” Own Occupation Disability Insurance at a fraction of the cost and without the need for medical underwriting. 

Coverage participation can be molded to fit your specific needs.  Your hospital system has the option to make this benefit available at absolutely no expense as a voluntary elective benefit. 

The employer also has the option to pay the premiums or carve out separate participation options between the executive, physicians, and staff.

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