Disability Facts & Fixes

Disability Facts & Fixes

Facts and Fixes About Disability

Disability Facts

Facts & Fixes Disability

According to sources, 1 in 4 twenty-year-olds living today will suffer a disability prior to their retirement age.Although the most recognizable disabilities are those we can see with our eyes the facts are that according to the Council for Disability Awareness 90% of disabilities are caused by illness, not injury.

Our ability to earn an income is our most valuable asset. Yet less than 25% of the workforce owns an individual Disability Insurance Policy.

Everyone buys insurance on their homes and cars but that’s because your mortgage company forces you to have Homeowners’ insurance if they are going to loan you the money for a house and the state forces you to have car insurance in order to drive a car. But without your income how are you going to pay for those things?

Pay attention to the Facts about Disability and Disability Insurance and take the proper steps to insure your income before its too late.

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